against APT (Advanced Persistent Threat)
by Malware & Ransomware

ZombieZERO Defense Platform provides organizational and individual customers optimized and robust products and solutions to eradicate cybersecurity threats and enable rapid recovery from cybersecurity incidents. In particular, the ZombieZERO Email Cloud product is specialized in email security. Today, emails are the most common route of attack used by cybercriminals and hackers. In addition, as APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) attacks such as malware and ransomware that target the endpoints have been increasing, being equipped with endpoint detection and response products such as ZombieZERO EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) Cloud is becoming an indispensable need for any organization. Furthermore, as internet network capacity and processing speeds have been increasing, there is a trend of migrating the computing assets of organizations to the cloud. In line with this trend, ZombieZERO Defense Platform products are also provided as cloud-oriented products that are easy to manage, convenient and cost effective.

ZombieZERO EDR Cloud

Vigilant at the Endpoint

ZombieZERO EDR Cloud provides customers key benefits
so that customers or users can work in a safe environment
at the endpoint without cyber threats.

· Automated immediate execution-pending process preempts incidents
· Monitoring and collecting behaviors in real-time for further analysis
  to detect & stop advanced attacks
· Deploy detection and remediation policies across all endpoint PCs
  to guard against similar threats



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